2021 Calendar Update! – Painted Stuf

2021 Calendar Update!

PIECES of Life   2021 Calendar

Purrfectly Imperfect   2021 Calendar

*** If you purchased  here online, your sticker pack is on it's way.

 CONTAINS IMPERFECTIONS- Not planned but it happened...  Blame this on 2020? Yes...the year of so many unreal, NOT NORMAL things.  We can also blame this on human error. I am with you in disappointment.

Incorrect dates Feb & Oct.  (dates are off by one day) Special Sticker Packs are being sent out now that include number stickers for date correction and a few extras too...Also included -----> NEW Vinyl Mini stickers.

 Purchased a Calendar? PLEASE send an email with your shipping info so I can correct this misprint. Please also include number of sticker packs needed. I do my best to catch any errors before sending to print. I did not catch this until now and am so sorry for this inconvenience. Please accept my sincere apology.  Thank you for your grace    Lynn