2021 Calendar Update! – Painted Stuf

2021 Calendar Update!

PIECES of Life   2021 Calendar

Purrfectly Imperfect   2021 Calendar

CONTAINS IMPERFECTIONS- Not planned but it happened...  Blame this on 2020? Yes...the year of so many unreal, NOT NORMAL things.  We can also blame this on human error. 

Incorrect dates Feb & Oct.  (dates are off by one day) Special Sticker Packs & Bonus Stickers will ship in mid January. 

Sticker pack will include number stickers to add to the correct dates. Also included, extra cute unique stickers made just for our 2021 calendars. 


Already purchased a Calendar? PLEASE send us an email with your shipping info so we can correct this misprint. Please also include number of sticker packs needed.  We do our best to catch any errors before sending to print. We did not catch these until now. We are so sorry for any inconvenience. Please accept our sincere apology.  Thank you for your grace    Lynn