Made for MORE – Painted Stuf

Made for MORE

Beautiful.. Brave.. Fearless..  Unstoppable.. Resilient.. Warrior

This is not the end, it's just the beginning of something really beautiful.
Grab some tools and buckle up.....let's do this New chapter of LIFE,.because you dear friend, are Made for MORE.. 
Focusing on the good stuff will keep you on solid ground. and on the right path. Good words actually can be one of the most important tools you will need. "Fightin'" words.

. When things get tough, I get tougher...and I make "StuF"....stuff that might make life a little better.for others.
We are not just going through this, we are "Growing" through this...TOGETHER.   Welcome to my New Blog...
Made for MORE.

Adding color to the world one canvas at a time.

Art to make life fun... Lynn MN Artist